Radiology at home

Do you operate a healthcare facility, are you a TSRM or a radiologist?
Increase the services you offer, join our network and optimise your performance. We will always be at your side.

Radiology at home

Do you operate a healthcare facility, are you a TSRM or a radiologist?
Increase the services you offer, affiliate with our network by optimizing performance.
We will always be at your side.

We have structured a nationwide Home Radiology service, with clear advantages for affiliates in terms of costs and image. We offer you a number of advantages, while allowing you to maintain complete autonomy of the service you offer. You can use all or part of them according to your needs.

Benefits of collaboration

Why should you take part in our project?


Mercato in forte crescita

A fast growing market

A new scenario opened up by technological developments, we will keep you up to date on industry trends, regulatory changes and guidelines from scientific societies.

Consulenza fiscale iniziale

Initial tax consultation

We offer you initial tax consulting to understand the economic feasibility. If necessary, we can also provide follow-up.

Pacchetto grafico coordinato

Brand Line

If you have not yet embarked on this service, we will offer you a coordinated graphic package.
If you are already offering this service, you are free to keep your logo, possibly signalling the partnership marginally.
You are free to choose.

Radiologia domiciliare

Portable X-ray units

We have agreements with the parent companies of the biggest distributors of portable X-ray units.

Rete di Coworking

Coworking Network

If needed, we can refer you to radiologists who work with us and who can refer examinations and who are responsible for the radiological system in accordance with Legislative Decree 101/2020.



We give you the opportunity to cooperate with other healthcare facilities that are our business partners.

Tesla Medical Cloud

Cloud-based platform

You will be able to send the examination to the referring doctor using our cloud-based platform


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Multi-device single portal

You will be included in a single portal promoting the service accessible from any device.

Ricerca operatore

Simple search mode

The patient will be able to search for the radiologist in his or her area through the portal or by calling a dedicated number. You will be listed on the website with a personal contact form each time a search is made for your area.

Pubblicità e diffusione del portale

Publicising and disseminating the portal

We will promote the portal on the main channels: social media, trade fairs, events, press, radio and TV throughout the country and in your specific area. A single brand will be more recognisable, professional and coordinated with clear savings in its management.

Benefits of a partnership for healthcare facilities

Outsource an expensive service.

By becoming a partnerin the provision of this service, you will be offering an additional service to your patients and building the loyalty of those who contact you for it.
We are an opportunity without being a cost.

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