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Professionals at the service of healthcare to achieve a high quality standard.

Tesla Medical Solutions arises from a discussion with healthcare and administrative executives which revealed the difficulty of implementing a planning process that was needed to guarantee an efficient service which benefited the end customer, the patient. Healthcare facilities often encounter difficulties in reorganising work and changing the structure of things. With medical specialists co-assisted by lawyers, economists and tax consultants, Tesla Medical Solutions detects management problems and plans, in cooperation with internal management, their resolution to achieve improved performance.

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Organisational Model

We also help companies achieve better performance by supporting the reorganisation and implementation of their workforce to achieve a double success, which involves economic and environmental stability. The Tesla Medical Solutions services comply with evaluation and intervention protocols based on indexes that are exogenous and endogenous to the company, and developed by professionals with different specialisations who cooperate in respect of their professionalism wherever they work.

Transparency and efficiency towards public and private medical facilities that use our professionals or our telereferral service.

Freedom of time management and clear economic conditions for medical staff. Our partners’ time and well-being are a priority.

Legal, tax, insurance and logistics support for all our doctors: complete management of the entire organisation comes alongside providing professional medical service.

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Through POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse III Azione 3.7.1. - Bridge to Digital 2020 financial support, the company was able to create his own cloud web site.
Objectives achieved by the company: allow its users to access images and reports with the ability to query, retrieve, archive data.